21 Feb 2014

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12 Aug 2013

Free printables

Happy weekend!
inspiration via Stylizimo blog   simple poster's to print.

inspiration via Stylizimo blog   simple poster's to print.
Simple poster download to frame.

28 Oct 2010

Shop tour in Guernsey

Hello every one, how are you all, well I hope.  I have just got back from a weeks holiday staying on the pretty Island of Guernsey just across the sea from us here in Jersey!  While there we did a bit of window shopping in the tiny town of st. peter port and I came across this fab little shop called Indica, it was on of those moments when you spot a shop that you instantly fall in love with before you even enter the door, and  I have to confess that I went back 3 times!  Think House doctor and Cath Kidston and you'll know what I mean.   Actually I loved the whole feel of the shop, light and airly with chalk white walls and wooden floor boards, simply divine.  I thought that the shop was a new one, but having spoken to the lovely girls working in the shop, its been around for some time, but it has  moved to the main high street in the last few years.  How I could of missed this shop before in my travels to Guernsey I just dont know....

16 Jun 2010

Kitchen gadgets

What is the one kitchen gadget above all others that you just can't live without? Well a few weeks ago I realised that above all the other gadgets collecting dust in my kitchen cupboard, the one thing I really miss is my normally trusty (had it for years) Braun multimix hand blender, used regularly for blitzing up soups, cake creaming, and blending together the contents for my fish cakes. Well it no longer blends the contents for my fish cakes, this part of the blender has given up on me, and I miss it, the last time I tried to make fish cakes all I got from the blender was a rather strange farting noise, and un-blender fish cake mix, though it seems happy with the other gadget parts for blitzing up soups, and cake creaming! So I am now on the lookout for a new one, and I'm wondering.....should I stick with what I know or should I be brave and see whats out there in the big old world of blenders and blitzers.
Do you have a favourite make that you use time and again or do you like to shop around and see whats new, whats the worst or best kitchen gadget you have ever had?

10 Jun 2010

Hello Monday...

Please ignore the fact that I did not blog much all last week, it was just one of those weeks that seemed to run away with you and before you know it, its the beginning of a whole new week! I hope you all had a fab weekend, I meant to post about these lovely string lamps last week, so......here it is now....
Bright, simple, unique, and affordable that's how Cable and Cotton describe their mini lamp shade balls, and on a wet dull dark typical British summer evening (it rained rather alot last week) I can just picture drawing the curtains early and switching on these beautiful softly glowing mini lamp balls to add a warming cheery glow to the room. But equally on a warm British if your lucky summer evening, as the sun starts to go down, they look just as nice giving off there gently glow in the garden.
The ball lamps are made from cotton which lend them selves to the lovely soft glow that are available in a 20 and 35 string combination, and available as pre-selected or have fun picking your own colour combination. Here are my combinations (below) that I tried out, a red pinky colour way, and a refreshing citrus colour way.